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Szitizen Prime Kit men

Szitizen Prime Kit men

Szitizen Prime T-shirt men (Size)
Szitizen Prime socks (Size)

This kit will be shipped before January 1st.

A Szitizen Prime Kit (worth 120€) includes the followings:
  • Limited edition T-shirt by Peter Weiler - a Hungarian multimedia artist working primarily with digital tools. Wear it all year to let everyone know you are a cool Szitizen,
  • A super cool pair of Szitizen Prime socks to help keep you warm in the cold winter months.
  • High-quality limited edition earbuds to listen to Sziget's playlists all year.
  • Sziget stickers to stick anywhere you like.
  • Awesome ’Sziget 30’postcards.
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Why can I only order one?

Each Szitizen Prime ticket grants admission to a single Szitizen Prime Package.

Do I need to pay?

You are only responsible for payment of shipping.

When will I receive my Szitizen Prime package?

All Szitizen Prime packages will be shipped at the end of January.